New ‘L’ plate appeals to driving instructors

07.45 | 9 October 2018 | | 7 comments

A new alternative to traditional ‘L’ and ‘P’ plates, launched earlier this year, has been praised by driving instructors.

The ‘Insight Vehicle Sign System’ was launched by Euro Road Safety (ERS) to provide learner and newly qualified drivers with extra confidence that they are visible, and will be given due consideration by other road-users.

The shape of the sign means it will appear at an ‘easy-to-see 90-degree angle’ to the car door and will not impair the driver’s rear view. The sign is designed to be visible up to 50 metres in front or behind the vehicle.   

The system fits securely over the glass of the passenger window (driver side) and can be easily removed when the driver parks. Unlike magnetic ‘L’ plates, it will not be dislodged while driving and is easier to remove than self-adhesive plates.

ERS says there has been interest from driving instructors after the product was showcased at the Driving Instructor Show in Manchester in April.

With new regulations now allowing learner drivers on motorways, ERS says it is even more important for learners to be visible on the road.

Phil Thorpe, inventor of the product, said: “If L plates fall off while the car is being driven, it leaves the learner at risk of accidents because other drivers will not anticipate quick braking or slower manoeuvres.

“I worked with Euro Road Safety to develop a robust product that could offer learner drivers more reassurance that they will be treated with consideration on the roads and was pleased to hear that we have recently been selected as finalists for an innovation award.”



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    This L plate would be of no use to me, I use a 3 door Vauxhall Corsa as a driving school car. The rear passenger window does not come down.

    Robert Martin, Coldstream
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    It is difficult to see how this would not impair the driver’s view over their right shoulder when checking before moving away from rest. A pedal cyclist could be easily obscured by this device.

    David Daw
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    If that appeals to driving instructors god help us all.

    I would have thought that a box like structure easily attached to the roof of any Instructors car and with an “L” plate configuration on all four sides and on the top so it can be seen by planes and police helicopters would do just about every thing that an “L” plate should do and more. It can be seen by passing aircraft.

    Further that it should be automatically illuminated either all the time or just in darker circumstances.

    Either that or get someone to walk in front with red flag??????

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    What advantages & disadvantages does this have over the commonly used top box?

    Rob Tillier, Yateley, Hants
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    Would really like to see how this appears in the wrong mirrors. Can’t see how it wouldn’t obscure the view. Have seen many instances where even if the L plates are clearly shown then people still drive like idiots round them. Same with “P” plates too (unfortunately)

    David Thomas, Northampton
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    Instead of having an L plate or L plates showing at the front of a vehicle, how would a driver who is waiting at a road junction on the nearside see this new L plate as its well back and hidden and on the offside of the vehicle? L pates are required to be sited so that they can be seen by drivers from the front and the rear but not from the side and this will not alter anything should the front one drop off.

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    Would it not get in the way of the driver looking through his offside mirror to see if there was anything behind and ready to overtake and does it not reduce vision of anything on this blind side?

    I have often seen L plates during the day with no problem but with longer nights for at least 6 months of the year and plates not illuminate well could it not be made of materials that will actually reflect more light being shone on them from whatever light source and so make to many delivery persons on two wheels. This modernisation of the L plate could make the driver or two wheeled rider more visible and therefore safer.

    Finally on two wheels many L plates are not placed as they should be, over the front mudguard and therefore horizontal as an example. They should be as vertical as possible and in a prominent position. Many are cut down and mutilated showing just the red part. These are offences. No L plate can be altered in law and it would be beneficial if at the point of sale and on packaging there was advice and warnings that any alteration is an offence and could be potentially dangerous if not seen.

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