New THINK! film shows effects of alcohol the morning after drinking

12.00 | 20 December 2013 | | 1 comment

The consequences of drinking too much the night before driving are highlighted in a new film in the THINK! campaign launched online today (20 Dec).

The video highlights the fact that many people can still be over the legal limit to drive the morning after drinking. The film is part of the THINK! campaign launched earlier this month which highlights the “snowball” of consequences linked to a drink drive conviction.

The video features a sober-looking man who talks about how his body is still over the limit the day after an evening of drinking. The man mimes to his own drunken voice that he had recorded the night before.

The THINK! team says the commercial is the first to deliberately use a drunk presenter. It is intended to be both funny and thought-provoking and ends on the message: “To your body, the morning after is still the night before.”

The film reminds viewers that a fifth of drink drive accidents occur in the morning.

Robert Goodwill, road safety minister, said: “Even if you look and feel sober the morning after drinking, your body may still be way over the limit. If caught, you’ll get a minimum 12 month driving ban, a criminal record, and you could even end up in jail. 

“The message is clear; if you are going to drink, don’t even consider driving, and think very carefully about whether you are really safe to drive in the morning. It can have devastating effects on your life and on the lives of other people.”


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    Isn’t it about time that we had zero tolerance? This government, as well as previous ones, have not had the guts to say enough is enough and as such they are responsible for a lot of deaths and heartache, due to a lack of action. It’s about time public persuasion told this government that enough is enough and drinking and driving cannot be tolerated at all.

    bob craven Lancs
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