New video sets out to reassure senior motorists

12.00 | 7 July 2016 | | 2 comments

A new video aimed at helping older drivers to stay safe for longer has been released following the publication of a report by the Older Drivers’ Task Force.

The video, funded by GEM Motoring Assist, sets out the ways in which Driving Mobility centres across the UK assess someone’s fitness to drive, and addresses issues that might put an older driver at higher risk of a collision.

It follows a senior driver through an initial consultation and pre-drive assessment and out onto the road, where he drives a pre-arranged route covering various road types.

The video is designed to reduce any anxiety a senior motorist may feel before attending a driving assessment by giving them a clear picture of what to expect.

On Monday (4 July), the Older Drivers’ Task Force presented its report to the House of Commons, setting out a national older driver strategy based on seven key recommendations.

Among those recommendations is raising the mandatory ‘fitness to drive self-declaration’ for licence renewal age from 70 to 75 years, on condition that proof of an eye sight test is made compulsory.

Neil Worth, road safety officer for GEM, said: “If there were evidence that older drivers were more likely to cause collisions, then the Government would have restricted their licences or insisted on compulsory re-training by now.

“There is no evidence of this. However, we do know that older drivers can struggle in situations where they have to make quick decisions, or where their ability to see all round is restricted. We also know that any injuries suffered by an older person in a collision will be more serious, simply because of increasing frailty.

“There are many solutions to these difficulties, not all of them appropriate for every driver. That’s why Driving Mobility centre assessments, with their focus on the needs of individual senior drivers, are true road safety winners.

“Thanks to this new video, any concerns that might go with such an assessment are sure to be greatly reduced.”

Ed Passant, chief executive of Driving Mobility, said: “Drivers will know exactly what to expect when visiting any of our 16 centres. I believe the video ably demonstrates our primary purpose, which is to support people to stay driving safely for as long as possible.”



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    The mobility centre assessment seems very thorough and will be of great value to someone who is looking for help with a known driving concern or specific problem. However it feels, dare I say, a bit OTT for the older driver who may be looking for a more casual ‘light touch’ assessment, perhaps as a refresher and confidence booster. A case of horses for courses.

    Pat, Wales
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    This is just what is needed, respect for our elderly but responsibility from them for their own and others’ safety. A steady and understanding approach leading up to an assesment with less stress than an absolute exam. Could be the answer and would no doubt be gratefully received by all. I am nearly there in terms of age and undertook, of my own volition, an assesment. The instructor was of the opinion that I could continue driving. I have annual eye tests and they confirm that my eyesight for driving is as yet unaffected.

    R.Craven Blackpool
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