Newsfeed visits reach new heights

12.00 | 7 February 2014 |

The number of people visiting the Road Safety GB website continues to climb, with January 2014 setting a new record.

While the numbers dipped in December 2013, due to the festive break, January 2014 was the third month in the last four that a new record has been set in terms of visits and visitors to the site.

In January 2014 the site received 23,013 visits from 15,052 unique visitors. The previous high was November 2013 when the figures were 21,703 and 14,227 respectively. This represents a 6% month-on-month increase in both visits and unique visitors.

The most-read news report in January was the story about Robert Goodwill, road safety minister, confirming it is OK for cyclists to ride on the pavement – as long as they do so considerately. In fact, Mr Goodwill was simply reaffirming guidance issued 15 years ago when Fixed Penalty Notices were introduced.

The story received more than 1,500 page views out of a total of more than 58,000 page views during the month – proof, if any were needed, that cycling is currently a hot road safety topic. The story also generated a lively discussion thread comprising 27 readers’ comments.


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