No decisions made regarding new child car seat rules: DfT

12.00 | 28 April 2016 |

BBC News report says that while new regulations for child car seats are in the pipeline, no decisions have as yet been made as to when and if they will definitely come into force.

Earlier this week the consumer rights group Which? said new legislation on child car seats, which will limit the use of backless booster seats to older children, will come into force in December 2016.

Which? said that under the new legislation backless booster seats will only be permitted for use by children taller than 125cm and weighing more than 22kg.

However, in the BBC News report, the DfT says talks are on-going and that no date has as yet been set.

The BBC News story confirms that, if approved, any changes will only apply to newly sold products. Parents who use old booster seats that comply with the existing regulations will not be breaking the law if they continue to use them after any rule change.

The Good Egg Safety campaign has published a blog giving more detail about the proposed changes and the current position.



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