Norfolk road deaths increase

13.31 | 29 May 2009 |

Drivers in Norfolk have been urged to take more care on the county’s roads after the number of road deaths rose sharply in the past two months.

Since 1 April, there have been 13 collisions resulting in 14 deaths, compared with four in the same period last year. Three of those killed have been motorcyclists.

Police said common factors in many of the incidents were speed, tiredness, loss of control and in-attention.

Stuart Hallett, Norfolk’s casualty reduction manager, said: "We are studying the details of each incident to see if there is any new emerging pattern. At the moment there is high correlation with our three road user target groups – motorcyclists, young drivers and older drivers.

"As a partnership we have set out our plans for reducing casualties and our interventions will be measured by our success in reducing casualties. Our progress to date is to have KSI reduction at levels 55% below the 1994-98 baseline.

"In Norfolk, 2009 is the year of the motorcyclist with a full range of activities including free rider training and a new resource for scooter riders in schools at one end of the spectrum – and a six month plan of enforcement at the other, which will include the use of unmarked police motorbikes."

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