North Yorkshire partnership tops casualty target

16.08 | 3 February 2011 |

North Yorkshire’s 95 Alive campaign has surpassed its target to help save 95 lives on the county’s roads over a five-year period.

Casualty figures to the end of 2010 take the number of lives saved in the past five years to 126. The figure is based on the projected total which would have been reached if casualties had continued at the same rate as five years ago.

The York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership was established by North Yorkshire County and City of York Councils, North Yorkshire Police and Fire and Rescue and many other agencies. The partnership has attempted to change the behaviour of drivers, riders and pedestrians through education, enforcement and engineering.

David Bowe, chair of 95 Alive, said: “This is a major achievement. The target to save 95 lives was very ambitious, to top that by a further 31 is staggering and very rewarding for everyone involved.

“The most important thing has always been to change behaviour and the way people approach walking, riding and driving to encourage them to think safety first every time.

“It cannot be said that these lives have been saved purely because of the work done by the partnership. Road casualty statistics are complicated and can involve a lot of different factors. But through 95 Alive we hope these crucial lessons have been learned to share the road, take responsibility and stay safe.”

Despite the end of government funding channelled through North Yorkshire County Council, the partnership has decided to carry on working together, in a more limited form, under the 95 Alive banner.

For more information contact Janet Gleeson, 95 Alive campaign coordinator, on 01609 798304, or Honor Byford, road safety and travel awareness team leader, on 01609 532616.


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