NYRF increases social media presence to reach young riders

11.30 | 14 January 2021 |

The National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) has launched a new social media strategy in a bid to engage with more young riders.

The NYRF is a group of road safety professionals, who have combined their expertise to specifically address issues surrounding young powered two wheeler riders.

The forum members include representatives from local authority road safety teams, safer roads partnerships, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), police forces, fire and rescue services and the DVSA.

Among its current work is research into young riders’ perceptions on safety and rider training – and what support they think they need.

The new social media strategy has seen the NYRF set up new Facebook and Twitter accounts – and it hopes a presence on both platforms will help it engage with young riders.

Heidi Duffy, NYRF facilitator, said: “Young riders are among our road users of the future and at 16 years old, a motorcycle will potentially be the first motorised vehicle they have taken onto the busy road network.

“They are vulnerable due to their lack of road experience, can take risks because of reduced brain development and can be influenced by many internal and external factors.

“The NYRF aims to address these issues – and our new social media strategy will play a key part in engaging with young riders, particularly in the Covid-19 era.”



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