Partnership brings in the ‘big guns’

20.08 | 24 November 2009 |

95 Alive York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership has brought in the big guns to make sure second hand and unreliable children’s car seats can never be used again.

The Army is hosting a series of events to mark Road Safety Week, and soldiers from the Royal Dragoon Guards at Catterick Garrison offered to crush the seats to emphasise how important it is that unreliable child car seats are taken out of circulation. A 60-ton Challenger tank was used to ensure a collection of children’s seats, gathered by North Yorkshire’s RSOs, were well and truly crushed.

John Fort, North Yorkshire county councillor, said: "If a car seat has been involved in a previous crash it could be damaged. This may not be obvious, but it could mean it will not provide the necessary restraint to stop a child being hurt.

"It is vital that parents know the history of second hand car seats – it’s not advisable to buy one from an unknown source such as a car boot sale or an advert."

For further information contact Neil Strickland, road safety and travel awareness officer, on 01748533722.




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