Partnership claims support for text campaign

12.00 | 22 January 2015 |

Lincolnshire Police received 181 texts from members of the public reporting potential drink drivers, as part of a new initiative over the festive period.

Under a pilot scheme, members of the public were encouraged to send an anonymous text to report a person suspected of drinking and driving. 

John Siddle, communications manager for the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, says the response “demonstrates the enormous public support for what we were trying to do…to rid Lincolnshire of drink drivers”.

John Siddle added: “The campaign was the pilot scheme of the text service using the data initiative to increase our intelligence on drivers who drink.

"All in all we were satisfied with our efforts, delighted with the public response but very disappointed that 71 drivers saw fit to risk the lives of others and their own livelihoods by drinking and driving.”

The Partnership says an evaluation is being carried out to establish how many of the text reports led to an arrest, but this information is not available at present.

The Partnership says it has had an approach from another force as a result of the publicity the scheme generated.


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