Pedal Cycle Collision Black Spots

12.00 | 11 July 2012 |

Following the information on the RSGB and DfT newsfeed over the last few days regarding the DfT making funds available for tackling pedal cycle collision black spots ( and,  Peter Slater, Data Analyst, North East Regional Road Safety Resource* has produced casualty data on the main junctions where there have been collisions involving pedal cyclists in each of the 12 local highway authorities in the north east.  

This will assist local authorities in any potential future bidding process to access funding.  However, the procedure for bidding has yet to be announced.

A large map of the North East has been produced showing the locations of the main black spots in each authority over the past three years (2009-2011) together with a spreadsheet containing the background data, including the contributory factors to these collisions.  Please contact Peter Slater for these documents.

For more information contact Peter Slater
Phone:  0191 433 3165
Gateshead Council Website:

* North East Regional Road Safety Resource, is funded by the 3 NE sub regions of Northumberland, Durham and Cleveland and was initially set up in 2008/9 with a DfT Partnership Grant. 


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