People Just Do Nothing and Top Boy actors urge young drivers to THINK!

09.44 | 23 February 2024 | | 2 comments

A new digital audio advert featuring BBC and Netflix TV stars is being launched for a new THINK! campaign, encouraging young drivers to watch their speed.

Actors Hugo Chegwin (DJ Beats in the BBC mockumentary People Just Do Nothing) and Kadeem Ramsay (Kit in Netflix’s Top Boy) have paired up with THINK!, to warn drivers to slow down on rural roads.

The new audio advert, of which there are 13 versions, takes the form of a fake radio station ‘UnXpected FM’, hosted by DJ Beats and Kit, asking drivers: ‘Is pushing it worth it?’.


The intelligent ads will use real-time dynamic weather data, delivering messaging specific to dangerous road conditions such as ice, wind or rain, for a highly targeted radio advert.

The campaign will target men aged 17 to 24 years, who particularly underestimate the risks of driving too fast for the conditions, through radio and audio streaming platforms such as Spotify and DAX.

With only 32% of young men considering speeding to be very risky, despite the fact that speed kills or injures 58 young people every week, the campaign aims to remind young drivers that conditions on rural roads can change quickly and to watch their speed.

Guy Opperman, roads minister, said: “We hope this fresh campaign cuts through to young men, who statistically are the most likely to drive too fast on rural roads and in dangerous conditions.  

“This is a fresh initiative from THINK!, using recognisable voices and innovative technology to remind drivers of risks right behind the wheel.”

Hugo Chegwin, writer and actor, said: “I’ve no idea where they got the concept of a pastiche pirate radio station from! But it’s entertaining and puts an unexpected spin on an important subject.”



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    I like the concept, benefits of keeping to the speed limit would be good to incorporate. No points, fine, reducing risk of damaging vehicle etc. It’s a new and innovative approach, just needs some fine tuning., Dorset
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    Fantastic but so missing the “groove”
    Pirate radio! No ones heard of a pirate radio under the age of 30.
    Using official blurb “Road conditions” it turns the target audience off straight away. Make it slippery and wet rather than the two words in various places. Put a bit of double meaning in.
    Good effort but to me, could have got it better

    Stuart H, Wigan
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