Places still available at Hackney Cycling Conference

12.00 | 4 June 2014 |

There are still a few places available for the third annual Hackney Cycling Conference which is being held this coming Friday 6 June.

The conference is themed ‘Managing the transition to a world class cycling city’.

The conference literature says: “The major funding committed for London highlights a growing political will for ambitious and innovative approaches to encourage more people to cycle on our road network.

“With huge commitment for such change, what is the future of London’s landscape? How will the competition for space be managed? Is there a need to reallocate road space? How do we encourage and increase cycling numbers without taking away space from modes other than the private car?

“The Hackney Cycling Conference offers an opportunity to explore these issues with a cross-sector mix of transport professionals, politicians, academics and campaigners that are involved in influencing an increase in safe cycling in the UK.”

Speakers at the event include Mary Creagh MP, shadow secretary of state for transport; Andrew Gilligan, London cycling commissioner; and Klaus Bondham, director at Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

Click here for more information or to register to attend, or contact Elaine Beckett, Hackney’s RSO, on 0208 356 4963.



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