Play highlights transition dangers to pupils

10.29 | 6 November 2009 |

Pupils across South Lanarkshire have been learning about the increased risk of road collisions during the transition from primary to secondary school.

The road safety play, The Nine Lives of Roddy Hogg, has been performed at several schools over the past few weeks. The play was commissioned by Road Safety Scotland and performed by the Baldy Bane Theatre Company.

The play tells the story of Roddy, who is one of the most popular guys in first year when he starts secondary school. His fooling around has never got him into any real trouble and he is convinced that nothing can touch him – but the consequences of his actions are fatal.

Councillor John Murray said: “We have to engage young people in a way they will find entertaining but still ensuring the road safety message is relayed. The play did this brilliantly.”

Teaching materials are available to accompany the play, which include a copy of the script, teachers’ notes, suggested lesson plans and pupil worksheets.

Contact James Davitt for further information.



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