Police in Wales crackdown on illegal mobile phone use

12.00 | 27 September 2017 | | 2 comments

Police forces across Wales have launched a new campaign targeting drivers who use their mobile phone behind the wheel.

The All Wales anti-mobile phone campaign is being led by South Wales Police and is supported by GoSafe, the Welsh road safety and safety camera partnership, and Road Safety Wales.

The campaign will see officers from the four police forces in Wales educate drivers with the aim of stopping them from putting themselves and other road users at risk.

During a previous campaign in November 2016, 431 drivers across Wales were stopped and found to be breaking the law.

Police in Wales are keen to remind motorists that using a mobile while operating a vehicle causes distraction, potentially resulting in serious injury or death. They say that tackling this issue is a priority.

Temporary superintendent Martyn Stone, South Wales Police, said: “In recent years, the number of drivers prosecuted for using their mobile phone behind the wheel has increased.

"Increasing numbers of drivers are choosing to use their phone whilst driving to call, text or even check social media. It is against the law to operate a vehicle whilst using a mobile phone, the message is very clear, it’s not worth it.”

Susan Storch, chair of Road Safety Wales, said: “Driving a vehicle requires full attention, anything above and beyond that needs to wait until we are safely parked up or until our journey has finished.

"Campaigns such as this demonstrate the resolve of all the Road Safety Wales’ partners in tackling this issue and we will continue to work together to drive home the message that you need to switch off before you drive off."

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    And Bob, if you had been in Wales then the Road Safety Partnership (GoSafe) would have taken your video via their Operation Snap.

    For your forward facing camera I would recommend one with GPS where you can have your speed and location recorded on the video so that you can validate your statement about your speed and the time of the incident.

    Mark, Caerphilly
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    I wish them well and let’s see what the results will be.

    Just the other day I was followed by a Range Rover in a 60 mph limit and was doing about 50 mph. This driver was a male about 35/40 years of age and well dressed. He was talking on his phone which was only being held to his ear by his hunched left shoulder. His right arm and was holding a cigarette which he was smoking and he was some 15ft behind me. Having seen enough I decided that I didn’t want him being of danger to me and slowly pulled into the side of the road and indicated that I was stopping. Allowing him to overtake. This did not in any way slow him down at all and he swerved to overtake and narrowly missed another car coming the other way. One he could easily have avoided if only he had slowed earlier and taken his time. What a muppet.

    Wish I had had cameras front and back then I would have had enough evidence to give to the police. I intend to purchase two later this week.

    Bob Craven Lancs
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