Police Scotland launches winter road safety campaign

11.03 | 26 October 2020 |

With winter on the horizon, Police Scotland is encouraging all road users to prepare for changes to road conditions, daylight hours and unpredictable weather.

On 23 October, the force launched its winter road safety campaign, highlighting best practice for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists during the coming months.

The campaign asks drivers to carry out a number of checks before wintery weather arrives – such as ensuring lights are in good working order and tyres have sufficient tread.

Meanwhile, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders are being told to ensure they are visible to other road users.

As part of the campaign, Police Scotland will be sharing advice and tips on social media, with videos featuring vehicle safety hints and tips.

Chief supt Louise Blakelock said: “Keeping people safe on our roads is a priority for us throughout the year, however as we head into the winter months it is important to ensure vehicles and drivers are prepared for the change in road conditions.

“I would encourage drivers to check their vehicles before we experience the first of the wintry conditions. 

“Some simple steps can be taken to prepare such as checking lights on vehicles to make sure they are in good working order, ensure tyres have sufficient tread, check windscreen washer fluid levels and look out scrapers for clearing frost and ice from your vehicle.

“As the nights get darker, I would also ask pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders to ensure they are visible to other road users.”



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