Pregnancy harness inventor seeks feedback

15.07 | 30 March 2011 |

The inventor of a harness designed as a seat belt alternative for pregnant women is asking for feedback from road safety professionals.

Stephen Weston invented the harness to help reduce the risk pregnant women and their unborn children face from seat belts. 87% of pregnant women wear their seat belts incorrectly, according to research from Loughborough University.

The harness was developed with input from leading world academics and a Formula 1 racing harness manufacturer. In December 2010 a Europe-wide patent was granted on the harness, which in addition to the UK patent. A worldwide IP is currently pending.

The harness is also suitable for use by stoma patients.

Stephen Weston said: “By January 2011, the harness has received significant worldwide media interest, being featured in articles and reports by the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Dutch Telegraf and the Discovery Channel, who sent a production team from Canada to film crash testing at Bolton University.

“We are interested to hear from road safety professionals, mothers and mums-to-be, and stoma patients on the perceived pros and cons of the harness.”

Click here to watch the Discovery Channel video.

For more information click here or contact Stephen Weston on +44 (0)161 705 2211.


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