PVC cone could improve safety

09.51 | 20 July 2011 | | 3 comments

A new traffic cone manufactured from PVC will increase safety on the UK’s roads, according to its designers, Euro-Highway Safety.

The PVC cone, which is already widely used in the USA, Australia and many parts of Europe, can retain its softness and stay in its original shape after impact. The manufacturers claim that the plastic two part cones, most widely used in the UK, often fall apart during impact, therefore causing a road hazard.

Euro-Highway Safety says: “There are many technical advantages for using a PVC cone including high fluorescent visibility, product life and easy maintenance – but most importantly, safety for the UK’s roads.”

Click here to see a product demonstration.

For more information contact Craig from Euro-Highway Safety on 020 8591 7287.


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    These cones are a danger to road users. The current cones are made to part when hit
    so no heavy parts fly about and cause danger.

    david morgan oxfordshire
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    I think without doubt PVC cones offer better road safety and less danger if hit in an accident. We offer PVC cone please call 0800 644 5200 or visit

    Peter – London
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    These cones may help provide safer roads due to their collapse ability, to give drivers the chance to slow after impact.


    James Davis, London
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