RAC and British Gas team up on home EV charging

08.57 | 20 July 2021 |

Image: British Gas

The RAC and British Gas have joined forces to make it ‘easier and more affordable’ for drivers to make the switch to an electric car.

Electric cars continue to grow in popularity – with the Government having committed to ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030.

Government figures show the number of ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) registered for the first time more than doubled last year – up to 181,090 units.

The new partnership between the RAC and British Gas is designed to support customers with ‘cost effective ways’ to make the change – and focuses on two areas.

The first is the installation of a smart 7kW home charge point. Customers who want to have a home charge point installed have the choice of two models – with either fixed or removable cables.

Meanwhile, the partnership also gives customers access to a ‘highly competitive’ home electricity tariff specially designed to make overnight electric car charging cheaper than with a conventional tariff. 

Under the RAC-e Recharge Electric Car Tariff, charging between 12-5am costs 6p per kWh.

The RAC and British Gas say having a home charge point on a competitively priced electricity tariff makes running an electric car ‘much easier, cheaper and greener’.

Americo Lenza, portfolio director at British Gas, said: “Working in partnership with the RAC allows us to provide a unique proposition for those looking for hassle free motoring. 

“For the first time, drivers can now combine the vehicle, the charger, the green energy, the servicing and the breakdown cover in one place. 

“Supporting customers with cost effective ways to make the change to electric is vital as we transition away from petrol and diesel cars. Once you’ve switched, you’ll never go back.”



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