Re-run for Kids in the car following positive evaluation

12.00 | 8 July 2014 |

Road Safety Scotland’s ‘Kids in the car‘  campaign will run again this summer following encouraging evaluation of the 2013 campaign.

‘Kids in the Car’ is based on the premise that every time parents get behind the wheel with their children in the car, they’re giving them a lesson which could save their lives in the future.

It draws on research which demonstrates that from a very young age children’s future prospects are influenced to a large extent by their parents’ and carers’ behaviour.

The target audience is parents of children aged up to 11 years, with a specifiic focus on those with children aged four to eight years.

Independent qualitative evaluation of the 2013 campaign indicated a 62% spontaneous awareness among parents who drive. It also indicates very high levels of motivation to change behaviour in the car (85% of total audience), with even higher levels of motivation among those who drive more frequently with children (91% of total audience).

Katherine Goodwin, from the Scottish Government’s marketing department, said: “Most drivers think they are good drivers and most parents think they are good parents, but while parents lead by example in most situations, it’s clear there’s a disconnect from normal parenting behavior when we get into our cars.

“Our belief is that the ‘Kids in the Car’ campaign has already gone some way towards helping make the young drivers of the future, safer drivers.”


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