Recurring nightmare for speeding motorist

16.00 | 9 December 2010 |

A motorist has been caught speeding in London and New Zealand – by the same police officer!

Constable Andy Flitton, a former traffic police officer in the UK, and now an officer in Rangiona, New Zealand, had to laugh when a man he had just reprimanded recognised him as the officer who ticketed him in London two years earlier, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Mr Flitton said: “The driver asked if I used to operate the laser gun on the A5 in North London. I said, ‘yes.’ And he said, ‘I thought it was you. You gave me my last speeding ticket there two years ago’.

“The minute he said it, I remembered the whole thing. We both just had a laugh. He only ever broke the law twice and both times I was the one to give him a ticket. It cost him £60 over there and $120 over here so it wasn’t cheap.

"It just shows what a small world it really is."

Click here to read the full New Zealand Herald report.


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