Report highlights ‘dangerous gaps’ in vehicle maintenance

12.34 | 17 June 2020 | | 1 comment

Road safety charity Brake is urging drivers to perform basic safety checks before getting behind the wheel, after a new report highlights ‘dangerous gaps’ in vehicle maintenance.

The report, published by Brake in partnership with Green Flag, suggests nearly one in ten drivers (9%) never perform vehicle safety checks – while an additional 27% only do so once a year.

Conversely, 12% of the respondents claim to carry out safety checks every time they drive.

With MOTs currently exempt due to Covid-19, Brake says it is ‘more vital than ever’ to regularly check and maintain a vehicle.

Data published by the RAC earlier this month suggests hundreds of thousands of vehicles have been missing their MOTs each month, since the exemption came into effect in March.

Brake and Green Flag are asking all drivers to perform regular ‘walk-round’ checks of their vehicle, once a week and before any long journeys.

This includes areas such as tyre tread wear and condition, lights, oil and water, wiper blades and wheel fixing.

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, said: “We want to remind drivers that regular safety checks of your vehicle are vital as even minor defects, like a worn wiper blade, can play a part in a catastrophic crash. 

“Drivers have a responsibility for a vehicle’s safety and this is a responsibility which should not be taken lightly.

“With the coronavirus MOT exemption delaying tests, checking the safety of your vehicle has never been more important. We urge all drivers to perform regular ‘walk-round’ checks of their vehicle, once a week and before any long journeys – it is a couple of minutes which could be the difference between life and death. 

“If you have any suspicion at all that something is not right with your car, do not drive it and consult a professional.”



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    An unsafe driver can have a collision in a perfectly maintained car, whilst a cautious, vigilant driver in an ‘unsafe’ car can avoid it. Despite this, we are obliged to have our vehicles inspected once a year and have repairs carried out on supposed ‘unsafe’ faults – in the meantime the unsafe driver isn’t checked so is free to wreak havoc on the roads year after year..still, as long as his/her vehicle is MOT’d that’s okay then.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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