Report provides sustainable travel guidance for employers

12.00 | 3 July 2013 |

Brake, the road safety charity, has published guidance for employers on how and why to develop and implement sustainable travel plans.

The guidance includes advice delivered at a recent Brake webinar on ‘sustainable travel plans: reducing cost and risk’. It explains how encouraging sustainable travel can improve employee health and wellbeing, benefit the environment, and save money.

Roz Cumming, professional engagement manager at Brake, says: "Encouraging sustainable travel is a no-brainer for companies; the benefits of safer roads, a cleaner environment and reduced costs to businesses present a highly persuasive case.

“This report gives practical guidance on what to consider when implementing a sustainable travel plan, and sets out the benefits."

The report is available for free to Fleet Safety Forum subscribers, or can be purchased for £5 by non-subscribers. The first 25 non-subscribers to request the report will get a copy for free.

Contact Brake on +44 (0)1484 559909 to order.


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