Results of annual UK cycle helmet safety tests published

12.49 | 3 June 2021 |

The Road Safety Trust has published the findings of its annual cycle helmet safety tests, with three helmets awarded a ‘recommended’ label.

Since 2019, The Road Safety Trust has funded Folksam Insurance Group in Sweden, to complete extended safety tests on a selection of helmets available in the UK.

For the first time in 2021, the testing included helmets for children.

The 2021 test round comprised 15 adult cycling helmets and nine children’s helmets. Five physical tests were conducted: two shock absorption tests with straight perpendicular impact and three oblique impact tests. 

The tests were performed by Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), which is accredited for testing and certification in accordance with the European standard. Computer simulations were subsequently carried out to evaluate the risk for concussion.  

Following the tests, two adult and two child helmets (only one available to UK market) were given the ‘recommended’ label: 

  • Scott Arx Plus (adult)
  • Specialized Align II (adult)
  • Lazer Gekko MIPS (child)

The findings have been published to coincide with World Bicycle Day (3 June) and are designed to help improve cyclist safety on the roads. 

The Road Safety Trust says extended safety test performance results are now available for 47 adult helmets in total.

Oliver Carsten, trustee of The Road Safety Trust, said: “During the past year cycling has seen a surge in popularity with demand for bikes increasing and an increase in cyclists on the roads.  

“Last June, Grant Shapps, secretary for transport, reported an increase in the levels of cycling of up to 200% on weekends and 100% on weekdays.  

“It is well documented that wearing a cycling helmet reduces the risk of injury to cyclists, but it is important that, when consumers purchase safety equipment, they spend their money wisely.  

“We hope that these test results will help to inform purchasing decisions by UK consumers, and also encourage helmet manufacturers to raise their game and bring to market new helmet models that perform at least as well as the best existing models.”



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