Road incidents involving equestrians continue to persist across the UK

08.38 | 9 February 2024 |

The British Horse Society is calling on all road users to evaluate how they pass horses, on the back of statistics showing there were 3,383 incidents involving horses on UK roads in 2023.

The new statistics show that of those incidents, 66 horses died and 86 were injured. Additionally, three people died, while 94 people were injured.

The data also highlights that 85% of incidents occurred because a vehicle passed by too closely or quickly.

This is despite the introduction of the new Highway Code guidance for equestrians in 2022, which states that vehicles must pass horses at no more than 10mph, while leaving two metres distance.

As part of The British Horse Society’s Dead Slow road safety campaign, the equine charity is calling for all road users to evaluate how they pass horses – as well as how impactful passing horses too quickly and closely can be. 

Alan Hiscox, director of safety at The British Horse Society, said: “While we recognise and thank all drivers who continue to follow the Highway Code guidance, there is still work to do, ensuring horses and equestrians are safer when hacking out on the roads. 

“Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for equestrians to stay off the roads due to the shrinking bridleway network. That is why it’s so important that we all play our part to make sure everyone remains safe.”



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