Road safety focus for Injury Prevention Day

07.47 | 21 August 2019 | | 2 comments

Drivers are being encouraged to share ‘pearls of wisdom’ and help reduce the number of ‘needless’ injuries suffered on the roads.

As part of an initiative dedicated to promoting good practices, drivers are being told that ‘one little piece of advice you share could prevent a car crash’.

Injury Prevention Day 2019, which takes place today (21 August), is organised by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) – a not-for-profit organisation which campaigns to prevent needless injuries.

Asking drivers to think back to lessons they learned when they first got behind the wheel, APIL hopes to collate driving tips, mantras and pearls of driving wisdom. 

It says these ‘driving lessons’ will include pithy adages people have picked up over the years from friends, family and driving instructors.

To get involved and share their advice, drivers can use the hashtags #IPDay2019 and #DrivingLessons on Twitter.

Gordon Dalyell, APIL president, said: “Many crashes are avoidable if people just think back to lessons they learned when they first started driving. 

“Learning doesn’t stop once you’ve passed your driving test, and we all pick up bad habits over the years. 

“An adage or mantra such as ‘only a fool breaks the two second rule’ or ‘fast drive could be your last drive’ can stick with people and could be enough to remind them to keep back from cars in front, and be mindful of driving speeds. Pass them on.

“It could just be that the one little piece of advice you share could prevent a car crash and injuries, and a subsequent insurance claim. 

“We can all play our part in reducing the number of needless injuries by sharing our own pearls of wisdom and reminding everyone to be a better driver this Injury Prevention Day.”



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    In addition to the 2 Second Rule (for which there needs to be a big publicity campaign), ‘Always expect the unexpected,’ is our family mantra. BTW, Please may we have another way of submitting suggestions, not all of us have time or patience for Twitter.

    Lynda Hill, East Sussex
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    Well-intentioned perhaps, but realistically too many drivers – especially male drivers- don’t take kindly to advice from other drivers because of course, they are already good enough or ‘above average’, which I think is the term commonly used.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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