Road Safety GB launches consultation on ‘organisational change’

13.35 | 31 January 2012 |

Road Safety GB has launched the consultation process with its membership on a proposed change of organisational status. 

The proposal, endorsed by Road Safety GB Policy & Management Committee, is that Road Safety GB will become a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)’, which will provide the platform for legal, structural and financial stability for the organisation going forward.

Alan Kennedy, chair of Road Safety GB, said: “CLG status will allow Road Safety GB to become a non-profit making organisation that can reinvest any surplus funding back into the organisation, to provide for example, resources and training.  As a CLG, we will also be able to apply for charitable status and gain access to many potential sources of funding.”

The consultation documentation and process is set out in the members’ area of the Road Safety GB website. 

Su Ormes, Road Safety GB secretary, said: “It is important that everyone understands the proposals and can comment if they wish to do so, and vote in the final stage.

“To do that, people must be registered for access to the members’ area on the Road Safety GB website, which is a simple process.”

For more information contact Su Ormes on 01634 331710.


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