Road Safety GB website goes from strength to strength

08.45 | 26 April 2010 |

The Road Safety GB website has had a facelift to mark 12 months since the association’s successful rebrand in April 2009.

The rebrand – from LARSOA to Road Safety GB – has transformed the association’s profile, and has also had a dramatic impact on the number of people visiting the website and newsfeed.

Nick Rawlings, Road Safety GB news editor, said: “Since the rebrand came into effect, the number of people visiting the website has more than doubled.

"In May 2009, the site received around 3,900 visits – by March 2010 this had increased to almost 9,100.

“The number of subscribers has also increased significantly. In April 2009 we had 1,022 subscribers but by March 2010 this had increased to 1,214 – a rise of around 20%.

“These are remarkable growth figures, given that the website and newsfeed is a mature project – it’s much easier to obtain big increases like this on a new online publishing venture.”

“The increase is almost certainly down to two factors; the change of name, which has definitely raised the association’s profile, and the fact that we are publishing news much more frequently.”

The facelift has given the site a cleaner, fresh look, with more use of white space.

For more information about the Road Safety GB website, or to submit a news story for publication on the website, contact Nick Rawlings on 01379 650112.


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