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12.00 | 24 March 2017 | | 2 comments

This week saw the Road Safety GB editorial team attend the annual PACTS conference, titled ‘Collision investigation: how can we learn more?’.

The conference was launched with a call from PACTS, supported by Brake, for the Government to set up a UK Road Collision Investigation Branch to boost efforts to reduce collisions and casualties – in much the same way that air, rail and maritime sectors operate.

Elsewhere, England international rugby star, Jack Nowell, showed his support for road safety through a new video, while a new report says speed cameras deliver a ‘significant reduction in road traffic accidents’.

Here’s a full rundown of what was hot, and what was not, on social media this week, compiled by Edward Seaman, assistant editor of Road Safety News.

A road smart video
The most engaged with post on the Road Safety GB Twitter feed this week was the news that IAM RoadSmart has produced a short video highlighting the dangers faced by people driving for work.

Published on 22 March, the video showcases some of the techniques highlighted during the road safety charity’s Driving for Work courses – including ‘spoken thought’ which encourages drivers to describe what they are seeing and act accordingly. It was produced in response to figures which suggest that business drivers are involved in a third of all road crashes.

While the video has attracted criticism over claims that providing training for business drivers could lead to 55% fuel savings, overall the content has been met with praise from social media users.

You’re welcome IAM RoadSmart…

Time to get back to basics?
As mentioned in the introduction, PACTS launched its annual conference – looking into collision investigation – with a call for the Government to set up a UK Road Collision Investigation Branch.

The Road Safety GB editorial team reported live from the conference hall*, and would like to thank those who got involved with the social media activities – in particular the team at insurethebox.

In terms of the conference itself – and the call for a new investigation branch – the general consensus from the Twitter world was a need to get back to basics, including more traffic officers.

*If anyone has any issues with the quality of the photography, you can take them up with me as I took the pics!

Nowell’s our sportsperson of the week!
It seems that each week we feature a sports player/team in our round-up, and this week it’s the turn of England rugby star (well at least in terms of road safety), Jack Nowell.

Jack shared his own account of being involved in a road traffic collision in an effort to encourage safer driving among students in Devon and Cornwall.

The film is designed to encourage young people to think more deeply about driving, and promote Learn2Live events where young drivers learn to keep themselves and others safe on the roads.

Question – had Mr Nowell been given more than 12 minutes against Ireland last weekend, might England have won the Grand Slam??????

Every aspect of road safety is important
We end this week with a reminder that every aspect of road safety is important.

On Monday, we reported on a GEM Motoring Assist claim that the Government is ‘failing to prioritise young driver safety’.

GEM is calling on the Government to introduce a graduated driver licensing (GDL) system, pointing to a new survey which suggests there is public support for the move.

Published on Friday (17 Mar), more 90% of respondents to the survey agreed the UK driving test is ‘no longer fit for purpose’, and that it should be replaced by a GDL system.

However, one Twitter user turned the subject onto cycling (surprise surprise)

Now, of course, the safety of cyclists and pedestrians is of paramount importance – but as is the safety of all road users.

As always, we thank you for your Twitter comments and interaction. Click here to join the 15.6k others who follow the Road Safety GB Twitter account. 


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    Hi Philippa – and thank you for your comment.

    Just to clarify, of course it is agreed that the safety of cyclists (and all road users) is important. The line below reads:

    “The safety of cyclists and pedestrians is of paramount importance – but as is the safety of all road users.”

    To clear the comment up, if you have read the piece over the last few weeks – I often make note that the RSGB Twitter account is inundated with comments from cycling enthusiasts/lobbyists. While we naturally welcome all comments and interaction (after all that is the purpose of social media), that is where the ‘surprise surprise’ comes from – as opposed to any negative comment in regards to the safety of cyclists.

    Hope that clears it up!


    Edward Seaman, assistant editor, Road Safety News
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    I thought the social media story was really great until I got to the last comment “However, one twitter users turned the subject onto cycling (surprise surprise)”. It left me confused. Would you mind clearing up what you mean, please? To me it reads an anti-cycling slightly bored view, but as a cycling instructor, a pedestrian and a mother, I may just be a bit touchy on this issue! Or do you mean that it is inevitable any discussion would turn to cycling and walking, because indeed, both cyclists and pedestrians DO face daily dangers which you are well aware of and you agree?

    Philippa Robb, busy West London
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