Road safety news in brief: w/comm 13 November.

12.00 | 17 November 2017 |

Road safety news in brief: w/comm 13 November

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17 Nov: 14.00
GEM issues ‘idle threat’ to motorists who leave their engines running
GEM Motoring Assist is urging drivers not to leave their engines idling, reminding that not only is the practice illegal, but it also has an impact on health and the environment.

Idling is the term given to leaving your car’s engine running while your vehicle is stationary and you are not planning on moving off.

According to GEM road safety officer Neil Worth, idling makes a significant contribution to the 40,000 air pollution-related deaths in the UK each year.

Neil Worth said: "Idling means your car, van or truck pumps loads more carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other potentially harmful exhaust gases into the air.

“That’s why it’s an offence under section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, as made clear by Rule 123 of the Highway Code. Leaving a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while stationary on a public road can land you with a £20 penalty charge notice.

“So we ask drivers to think twice before sitting stationary in their vehicle with the engine running. By switching off you will be helping to improve air quality, reducing your carbon footprint and complying with the law.”


16 Nov: 15.30 
Highways England ‘geared up for winter’
Highways England says its team of 1,300 specially trained gritter drivers, based across the country, are geared up for winter – and is urging drivers to do the same.

The company responsible for the country’s motorways and main A roads has more than 280,000 tonnes of salt and more than 500 salt spreading vehicles ready to help drivers get to their destinations safely.

Highways England has asked drivers not to take unnecessary risks and only pass a gritter when it is safe to do so, avoiding using the hard shoulder and checking for hazards ahead.

Highways England has also published advice and a series of tips on how to drive in snow and ice, high winds, heavy rain and fog.

Paul Furlong, Highways England’s national winter and severe weather team leader, said: “We care about people getting to their destinations safely and during any severe weather our teams will be working around the clock to keep traffic moving.

"We’re asking drivers to make sure they and their vehicles are also prepared. Before you set out, check your vehicle, the road conditions and the weather forecast. 

“If conditions are poor, and journeys are not essential, consider waiting until the weather gets better – this should improve journeys, and give our gritters a chance to treat the roads.”


16 Nov: 14.15
Bradford South MP wins national road safety award
Judith Cummins, MP for Bradford South, has been awarded a parliamentarian road safety award by charity Brake and Direct Line.

Brake says the award recognises Ms Cummins’ dedication to road safety, both within her constituency and nationally.

The road safety charity adds that since her election in 2015, Ms Cummins has ‘worked tirelessly’ to raise awareness of the weaknesses in criminal justice for drivers convicted of killing and seriously injuring by careless and dangerous driving.

Brake has also praised her Ms Cummins’ efforts to help secure an increase in sentencing for those found guilty of the most serious road crimes – ‘a landmark victory for the families of road crash victims’.

Judith Cummins MP said: “I am delighted to have received Brake’s Road Safety Award off the back of my long-standing campaign to improve safety on the roads of my home city of Bradford. Dangerous and careless driving has been a blight on the communities of Bradford for far too long.” 




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