Road safety news in brief: w/comm 30 October

12.00 | 1 November 2017 |

Road safety news in brief: w/comm 30 October.

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01 Nov: 13.00
Somerset Road Safety Event to return in 2018
The second edition of the Somerset Road Safety Event will take place on 15-16 September 2018, at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton.

With car, motorcycle and bicycle dealers displaying their products, alongside the emergency services and other charitable organisations, this two-day event is aiming to promote road safety to all road users.

Building on the inaugural event in 2017, the two-days will include additional focus on cycling and horse riders.

For more information, contact Neill Sedgwick via email.

01 Nov: 11.30
Next generation Santander Cycles include new safety features
The next generation of Santander Cycles – which provide riders with increased handling, safety and comfort – have arrived in the Capital.

The new cycles, designed and built by Pashley Cycles, feature tyres with puncture prevention and improved front and rear ‘Blaze’ lighting.

Designed to make riders more visible and increase their confidence on the roads, the new lighting comprises a brighter brake light and a ‘greatly enhanced’ Blaze Laserlight, with 180° visibility, on the front of the bike.  

Other features on the new Santander Cycles include a gel saddle, lower frame, new gear hub and Bluetooth.

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, said: “Tens of thousands of Londoners and tourists enjoy using the (Santander) bikes to get around our city every day, so by making them more comfortable and manoeuvrable we’re hoping they’ll be even more popular.

"That’s good for our health, our air quality and for tackling congestion.”


31 Oct: 13.30
Drivers who litter to face new £150 fines
In a move backed by the RAC, the Government has announced that new steps will be taken to deal with those few who mindlessly throw rubbish from their vehicles

Announced by DEFRA on 24 October, councils will soon also be able to impose fines on the owners of vehicles from which litter was thrown, even if it was discarded by a passenger.

In the same announcement, it was confirmed that maximum litter fines are to almost double to £150 from April 2018.

The RAC has called the new legislation a ‘shrewd move’ from the Government but warned that as ever, the key to success will lie in effective enforcement.

Simon Williams, RAC, said: “Clamping down on motoring litter louts through a combination of higher penalties and making the owner liable for a fine if someone is spotted littering from their vehicle is potentially a shrewd move from the Government.

“However, as with motoring laws, such as speeding and using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel, penalties are only as effective as the level of enforcement.

"As a civil offence littering might be easier to enforce more widely as it does not require the offender to be identified to a criminal standard of proof.”

31 Oct: 12.45
Council teams up with football club to promote road safety courses
Gwynedd Council has been working with Bangor City Football Club to promote two road safety schemes available to the county’s residents.

The ‘Pass Plus Cymru’ scheme is aimed at young drivers between 17 and 25 years, who have passed their driving test, providing more driving skills and experience in order to try and reduce the risk of them being involved in road accidents.

The ‘Living Well Driving Well’ scheme is aimed at drivers 65+ years and gives individuals the opportunity to have a qualified driving instructor go out with them in their own car for a short drive, on a familiar route, to offer tips and advice on any issues that cause them concern when driving.

For more information, contact Gwynedd Council’s road safety unit on 01286 679439 or 01286 679414.




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