Road safety professionals pass Foundation course

12.00 | 16 May 2014 |

Eight road safety professionals from across the UK have successfully completed the Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course – the first to do so since the course was piloted in 2013.

Four of the candidates attended the East Midlands course in Leicester and the others sat the South West course in Exeter. The successful candidates are: Lyn Rowe (Leicester CC), Alison Adlington (Nottingham CC), Garth Coles (Nottinghamshire CC), Andrew Bright (Cleveland Fire & Rescue), Andrew Priest (Devon CC), Laura Podeschi and Richard Matthews (both North Somerset Council), and Darren Berrey (Devon CC).

The Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course delivers the basic skills, knowledge, and understanding required to deliver a road safety intervention. It provides participants with an overview of the whole process from identifying a road safety issue, to developing an intervention and through to evaluation.

The course comprises four days of tailored face-to-face learning delivered in two, two-day sessions. Between these sessions participants are required to complete an assignment relating to the topic covered in the initial session. A final assignment, which forms the final assessment, has to be completed four weeks after the second session.

Complimentary places on the Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course are being offered to London-based road safety officers thanks to funding provided by Transport for London (TfL).

The next London-based course runs on 10/11 June (part 1) and 29/30 July (part 2) and there are a few places still available. A further three courses funded by TfL will be held before the end of 2014.

A course is also scheduled to be held in Blackpool in autumn 2014.

An evaluation of the course concluded it is highly effective and suitable for a wide range of professionals. The course has also been praised by Cornwall Council and by other delegates who have attended.

Click here for dates and venues for upcoming courses, or for more information contact Cheryl Evans, head of training at the Academy, on 01635 519984.


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