Road Safety Trust invites applications for grant funding

12.00 | 21 March 2017 |

The Road Safety Trust (RST) has opened its latest grant programme, welcoming applications for the development of practical measures to enhance road safety through education, training, enforcement or research.

This is the third round of funding provided by the RST. To date, 11 projects have benefited from a share of more than £1m.

RST says applications for ‘innovative projects with the potential to develop new approaches’ are particularly sought, as are projects with ‘a strong focus on evaluation’.

RST is a registered charity and its objective is to support road safety research and practical interventions. Grant funding is provided through RST’s wholly owned trading subsidiary, UKROEd.

As a charitable trust, the RST does not, however, fund statutory provision or replace statutory funding.

Rob Gifford, RST chief executive, said :“Over the last year, the Trust has contributed over £1m to 11 projects around the country.

“This is new, independent funding for road safety research and practice, overseen by a board of trustees taken from the academic, public and private and policing sectors.

“I hope that more applicants will come forward for our third funding round, helping to develop good practice and learning in the road safety community.”

Organisations and schemes previously funded by the RST include:

  • £35,000 awarded to Warwickshire and West Mercia Road Safety Partnership to improve and update a successful ‘Green Light’ Education programme for young people.
  • £100,000 awarded to Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust to work with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership in order to look in detail at crashes that cause severe injury and death, in particular examining the types of drivers that are involved in these crashes.
  • £99,500 awarded to TRL to develop a safety rating scheme for cycle helmets.

Full details of the grants policy and how to apply can be found on the RST website. The closing date for applications is 26 May 2017.



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