Road safety warning after KSIs rise in Northants

11.35 | 12 May 2020 |

The number of people killed or seriously injured on Northamptonshire roads in 2019 rose to an eight-year high – prompting a warning from the local road safety partnership.

Figures show 347 people were killed or seriously injured in the county during 2019 – up 59 from 288 in the previous year.

Meanwhile, the number of people killed rose from 31 to 42 in the same period.

The Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance (NSRA) says it is working tirelessly to reach as many road users as possible by visiting schools and colleges, giving presentations to business groups and attending numerous community and sporting events.

However, it is also calling on drivers to use the roads in a way which ensures their safety.

Chief supt Mick Stamper, chair of NSRA, said: “Our main priority is to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads and to see the number of people killed on our roads rise last year is deeply upsetting.

“Every person who dies on our roads is one too many and we must never forget that behind each statistic is a grieving family or someone coming to terms with a life changing injury.

“We understand this and are working hard to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in Northamptonshire, and the alliance has worked hard to try to improve safety on our roads.

“Through education, engagement, engineering and enforcement we will continue to reinforce this message. However we cannot do this on our own as it is only road users who can change their driving behaviour.”



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