RoadDriver modified following feedback from RSOs

08.25 | 24 May 2011 |

Amendments have been made to RoadDriver, the website that allows motorists to file ‘incident reports’ against each other, following comments and suggestions from Road Safety GB members.

The aim of RoadDriver is to help reduce road accidents through driver monitoring, awareness and education schemes. People can use the site to check if any reports have been filed against a vehicle, or alternatively they can file their own report.

Charles Dunn, from RoadDriver, says: “RoadDriver has enhanced its existing young driver ‘P’ safety scheme and has introduced a new young driver monitoring scheme called ‘SAFE’.

“The ‘SAFE’ and ‘P’ driver schemes have been specifically designed to help parents protect their children at a very dangerous and vulnerable time in their young adult lives.

“Many thanks to Road Safety GB members for their advice and encouragement.”

For more information visit or contact Charles Dunn.


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