RoadSafe expresses concerns over potential MOT shake up

14.02 | 8 September 2010 |

RoadSafe has expressed concern that the DfT is considering changing the annual MOT test to fall in line with the European way of testing cars.

Under the new system, the first test would not be required until a car is four years old (instead of three), with testing after that occurring every two years instead of annually.

Adrian Walsh, RoadSafe director, said: “RoadSafe joins the Tyre Industry Federation, and other campaigners, with a warning to government, that extending the period between MOT tests will put lives at risk.

“Testers in the UK identify 8.5 million cars with defects every year.

“In its own review of the MOT in 2008, the DfT said reducing the test’s frequency would significantly increase the number of unroadworthy cars and casualties. An annual MOT is vital for picking up these problems.”

Click here to read the full Car Dealer Magazine news report.


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