Role swap forms part of driver CPC course

12.00 | 27 January 2014 |

A course for LGV drivers includes an element of on road cycle training in an urban environment in order to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists. 

The one-day Driver Certificate of Professional Competence course (CPC), run by the TTC Group in partnership with with its Cycle Experience division, includes both theory and on road cycle training.

Ryan Crawley, from TTC Group’s Road Safety Services, said: “We know that LGV drivers are concerned about the vulnerability of cyclists. This role reversal allows them to experience a cyclist’s point-of-view and develop even more understanding and empathy for vulnerable road users.”

TTC Group says that truckers using the website forum “Trucknet” have voiced concern about how cyclists are vulnerable when using cycle lanes chanelling them to the left hand side of trucks and buses at junctions and traffic lights.

Jon Pook, a trainer with Cycle Experience, said he often sees “a stream of three or four” cyclists ride down the narrow left hand channel.

He said: “There is no escape route for them. They are squeezed one behind the other into a very narrow gap with a large truck or bus immediately next to them. It is a very dangerous place to be and very hard for lorry drivers to see them.”

For more information contact Ryan Crawley on 01952 607187.         




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