Rolling figures show little change in KSIs – but overall casualties are down

10.47 | 9 November 2018 | | 1 comment

Image: Highways England

New figures show that there were 1,770 road deaths in the 12-month period ending June 2018, a similar level to that seen since 2012.

Published by the DfT on 8 November, the rolling number of road deaths represents a 3% year-on-year year increase, a figure described ‘not statistically significant’.

There was also little change in the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) with 26,610 KSIs in the period ending June 2018 – compared to 26,664 in the corresponding 12 months.

However, there was a statistically significant reduction in total casualties, which fell by 6% to 165,100.

Looking at road user type, the stats show year-on-year rises in the number of car (2%) and pedestrian (3%) KSIs – but a fall of 7% among motorcyclists. There was no percentage change in the number of cyclists KSIs.

In terms of total casualties, all modes of transport experienced year-on-year reductions – the largest being among motorcyclists (9%) and cyclists (8%).

The casualty figures come against a 0.6% increase in motor vehicle traffic over the same period – meaning the fatality rate per billion vehicle miles increased by 2% to 5.4 – while the overall casualty rate decreased by 7% to 500.

Back on track
The DfT has been working with the Met Police and Transport for London to address the issues that caused delays to the publication of Reported Road Casualties Great Britain 2016 and 2017.

The DfT says ‘progress has been made to return to the normal publication timescales’ and the data for January 2018 has already been received.

Quarterly statistics coming to an end?
The DfT has also announced it is reviewing the frequency of statistical publications as part of efforts to improve the quality and timeliness of road safety data.

The road safety statistics team proposes (on a temporary basis initially) to reduce the frequency of in-year road casualties publications – from the current three quarterly estimates (Q1 in August, Q2 in November, Q3 in February) to one mid-year estimate to be published at the end of November.



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    What could have occurred that reduced the numbers of KSI.s relative to motorcycle incidents.

    There has been no significant intervention for motorcyclists over this period of time.

    I can only suggest that it was the weather that reduced the numbers.

    Perhaps there was or were interventions that we do not know about

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