RoSPA publishes free online toolkit

15.27 | 7 May 2010 |

A RoSPA initiative which identified a need for further skills and training among young people who drive for work has culminated in the creation of a free online toolkit to enable employers to run their own in-house workshops.

The workshop is designed to be led by fleet, human resources or health and safety managers, or by road safety professionals, and is for 17-24-year-old employees who drive as part of their job. 

Ideal for groups of 10-15 participants, it addresses a range of issues raised by employers and young drivers in a study conducted at the start of the project, and covers some of the common causes of accidents.

It encourages participants to discuss their own experiences of driving for work and to identify how personal tendencies can lead to unsafe situations, in addition to covering wider issues such as deadline pressures, unfamiliar vehicles and travelling to new locations.

Duncan Vernon, RoSPA’s road safety manager for England, said: “We are extremely proud of the highly practical outcome of our project which addresses some of the fundamental skills needed for safe driving and encourages self-reflection.

“We know there can be considerable financial pressures in the workplace, particularly in smaller firms, and the Young Drivers at Work resources have been made freely downloadable so they reach as many people as possible."

Click here to access the toolkit, or contact Duncan Vernon on 0121 248 2078 for more information.


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