RoSPA seeks help with road safety/public health project

12.00 | 5 September 2013 |

RoSPA is seeking help from road safety practitioners with a project it is developing to help road safety and public health professionals work in partnership.

The project is setting out to produce guidance to help road safety professionals to work more closely with public health teams. The guidance will include several short case studies that demonstrate different ways of working together, and RoSPA is asking road safety professionals to put forward potentially-suitable case studies.

Duncan Vernon, RoSPA’s road safety manager for England, said: "We are interested to hear from road safety practitioners who have either been working with (or engaged) public health practitioners on specific projects, or who have been working on road safety projects that also have benefits to public health.

"The guidance will be aimed at people with both public health and road safety backgrounds, and it is hoped that the case studies will encourage closer or more integrated work between road safety and wider public health."

Road safety professionals with potential case studies, or who have other thoughts and suggestions that might enhance the project, are invited to contact Duncan Vernon on 0121 248 2078. RoSPA is looking to identify case studies by the end of September.


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