RoSPA seminar will focus on young at-work drivers

10.06 | 5 February 2010 |

Free training to help protect young at-work drivers is on offer at a seminar organised by RoSPA.

The ‘Young Drivers at Work’ seminar (30 March) will prepare employers and road safety professionals to run workshops for employees aged 17 – 24. It will also cover many of the issues raised by young drivers when the workshops were piloted.

The seminar is the next step in RoSPA’s Young Drivers at Work project, which began in 2008 by researching the views and experiences of managers and young drivers.

From this, RoSPA developed and ran a series of pilot workshops which covered the issues raised, including the distinctive aspects of driving for work, the importance of journey planning, attitudes to driving, and what to do about work practices which might pressure staff into unsafe driving.

Duncan Vernon, RoSPA’s road safety manager for England, said: “The workshops encourage young drivers to talk about the driving they’ve done. This helps them develop insight into their own abilities and priorities as a driver, as well as into what influences the way they drive.

“Participants will then identify realistic ways of driving more safely based on their own circumstances, as well as how to put those methods into action.”

The seminar will take place at RoSPA’s headquarters in Birmingham. For more information contact Duncan Vernon on 0121 248 2078 or go to:



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