Safety advice for foreign drivers

15.50 | 23 March 2009 |

Middlesbrough’s road safety team is informing drivers from other countries about safe driving in the UK by distributing an information booklet as they arrive at Teesport.

The booklet, which is published in five languages, contains information on everything from negotiating roundabouts and speed limits to seatbelt laws and what to do in the event of an accident.

Councillor Charlie Rooney said: “Anyone who has driven in a foreign country will know that the condition of the roads and the way local drivers behave can be quite different from those that they are used to at home. Driving in unfamiliar territory can catch out even the most experienced drivers.

”This booklet provides a simple way of ensuring that foreign drivers can familiarise themselves with UK road and driving regulations, and helps them drive safely and confidently.”

For further information contact Lynn Hepworth on 01642 728178.

23 March 2009


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