Safety camera and speed check app launched

11.02 | 14 July 2011 | | 6 comments

A new application has been launched which alerts motorists to the location of safety camera sites, and enables them to warn other motorists of police speed checks.

‘RoadPilot Mobile’ provides alerts to upcoming fixed and mobile safety cameras and reminds motorists of the local speed limit at camera sites.

The app includes a real-time alert facility, which enables motorists to notify other RoadPilot users if there is a mobile police speed-checking vehicle present.

James Flynn OBE, CEO of RoadPilot, said: “In these straitened times the last thing cash-strapped drivers need is a speeding fine for having crept over the limit on an unfamiliar road.

“RoadPilot Mobile can help motorists be more aware of local speed limits and all upcoming fixed and mobile speed detection sites, meaning they can focus fully on the road ahead and keep a clean licence.”

RoadPilot Mobile is available on a 30-day trial basis for just 59p, and thereafter on a subscription basis.

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    What is needed is an App for pedestrians and other caring road users to be able to check the speed of passing motorists – one that also recorded the speed and took a photo would be good. This app looks like a big waste of money and the majority of road users – who are, believe it or not, law abiding – won’t need it. It would be nice to see a low take up on this so that the owners of the app fail miserably in becoming multi millionaires.

    Graham Bedford
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    Nice to see the screenshot is of someone breaking the speed limit. At least they’re honest about who they’re aiming it at, eh.

    Dave, Bath
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    Why waste money on these things? Don’t drive above the speed limit and you won’t have to worry.

    Andy, Warwick
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    So here is a money making device for who ever designed this to rip off motorists. Not just on the cost of it but the subscription cost as well. In fact it will be the motorist that keeps it up to date by the sound of it. An all round rip off when all the mootorist needs to do is stay in full control of their vehicle at all times, concentrate fully on driving and obey the speed limits. And these limits are easy to follow even if you dont know the area. Street lights 30, no street lights national speed limit unless sign show to the contrary. Where it’s a sign to the contrary they will repeat the speed limit. For further in formation may be they should look in the highway code to make sure they know the rules. By the way motorways have there own rules and should be looked up separately.

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    If this works on GPS with real time location tracking (such as the free Waze app) then to register a mobile site, the driver has to hit a ‘Report’ or similar button at the location.

    So, unless they stop the vehicle, walk to the location of the camera unit and do whatever they need to do, aren’t they technically committing some kind of moving traffic offence by using a hand-held device behind the wheel?

    Neil, Sussex
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    Excellent, this way the cash strapped motorist can get a fine for using their phone while driving too, good work.

    Dave, Leeds
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