Santa’s little helpers promote tyre safety this Christmas

10.00 | 28 November 2023 |

TyreSafe has launched a whimsical and educational campaign to emphasise the importance of tyre safety during the festive period.

The ‘Keep Your Tyres in Good ‘Elf’ campaign features Santa’s mischievous elves in various tyre-checking scenarios.

With winter weather conditions posing additional risks on the roads, TyreSafe says it’s crucial for drivers to ensure their tyres are in optimal condition. 

The campaign focuses on three key areas: pressure checks for heavily loaded vehicles, tread checks for enhanced grip on treacherous roads, and overall tyre condition checks.

Throughout December, TyreSafe will release playful visuals, featuring Santa’s elves performing these checks in creative scenarios. Whether they’re measuring tyre pressure or checking tread depth, the elves aim to spark interest and encourage drivers to perform these simple checks, ultimately making their festive season safer and brighter.

The campaign also seeks to educate about the dangers, costs and risks associated with driving on incorrectly inflated tyres, along with the potential false economy of purchased part worn tyres.

The campaign will be accompanied by the hashtags #GoodElfTyres and #ElfApprovedTyres, inviting participants to share their own elf on the shelf tyre safety scenarios. 

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe chair, said: “We want to remind drivers that a safe car is the best sleigh of all this holiday season. 

“Keep Your Tyres in Good Elf is a fun and festive way to raise awareness about the importance of tyre safety, especially as we navigate challenging winter conditions. 

“We invite everyone to join us on this magical adventure with Santa’s elves and help us keep the roads safer this Christmas.”

Click here to download the campaign toolkit.



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