Saving money – but at what cost?

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RideSafe BackSafe is urging recent converts to two wheels to take skills training as soon as they buy a motorcycle or scooter.

The biker-dedicated initiative is concerned that many road users are turning to a cheaper mode of transport to beat the credit crunch and assuming that their driving skills are adequate.

RideSafe BackSafe’s Shelby Williams explains: "Motorcycle dealerships across the northwest are telling us that sales of scooters and smaller motorcycles are surprisingly buoyant at the moment and this probably reflects the desire for many road users to find a cheaper way to travel.

“However, when dealers recommend that customers book a skills training course or rider assessment scheme the take up is poor."

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    Further to my last post can i ask a question?
    There are many good books written and published by many authorities. some by the DSA themselves. Why then are none of these so called life saver books made available through motorcycle retail outlets. AND why is there not at least one book given free with every bike sold?
    Seems to me if one needs more knowledge or instruction it becomes difficult and costly to get it. everyone in the business is shouting about it but. but… but…..nothing seems to get better. does it…….

    There seems to be everybody doing something or at least playing lip service to it and little happening.

    bob craven [ otherwise known as Judge Dredd} Blackpool
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    I have now had time to think about this initiative and i do know about it and spoke to a rep at local Honda shop in Blackpool who is the only person in the place who knows something about it.

    However they are promoting or suggesting a get your leg over for an hour. and the only place this is happening is in Manchester, so a long was to travel for that purpose. There is nowhere nearer been organised.
    Great initiative, similar to distance one needs to travel to a test centre.

    bob craven [ otherwise known as Judge Dredd} Blackpool
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    I know this is a bit late, being December. But the last year hasn’t been to good for sales and I wonder which dealers are promoting better riding assesments as I travel round a few and have not come accross it before.

    I do however believe that we need to encourage something other than or after CBT.

    If offered I think most riders will say no at the time, but should be given some printed material to take away and enable them to think about it. Put in certain ways they may consider the benifit of a short ride out and a stop at a cafe and a positive assesment and or to encourage a better safer way to ride

    And at no cost or a notional one at the most.

    Is it possible to see something like the old RAC/ACU training scheme one say one evening a week for a couple of hours or on a sunday morning with posible ride out content.

    Bob Craven, Blackpool
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