School road closures support Clean Air Day in Leeds

14.03 | 3 June 2019 | |

Roads around some primary schools in Leeds will close to traffic later this month, aiming to promote road safety and active travel.

The road closures take place on 20 June in celebration of Clean Air Day 2019, organised by environmental change charity, Global Action Plan, to raise awareness of the adverse health effects of air pollution.

As part of wider activities, Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour Team is closing roads outside 12 primary schools between 1-4pm, seeking to:

  • Encourage children to be active on journeys to and from school
  • Raise awareness of air pollution around schools and the impact on health
  • Promote the importance of outdoor play
  • Reduce traffic and engine idling at school pick up time
  • Promote road safety
  • Support community cohesion

The council also hopes to promote its Play Streets initiative and encourage more parents to apply for a temporary play street order.

A play street order is valid for 12 months and allows residents to close their road to through traffic for the purpose of play for up to three hours at a time – either weekly, monthly, quarterly or as a one-off.



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