School run is most stressful time for mums

10.22 | 29 January 2010 |

Mums are most stressed at 8.25am when they are on the school run, according to a study commissioned by Uniroyal Tyres.

The research shows that four in 10 mums claim the school run is enough to make the most patient of people lose their cool.

In a rush to get to school on time, 45% of stressed mums have shouted at other drivers in a fit of road rage. And 42% of respondents said they have snapped at the kids on the way to school, regardless of whether they are behaving or not.

Tracey Hyem, from Uniroyal, said: “Driving requires concentration and when you add wet weather into the mix the situation can get tricky. One in five mums drive the kids to school when it’s raining, when they would normally walk.”

Psychologist Donna Dawson said: “There is nothing more stressful or potentially distracting than travelling with children to be somewhere quickly, and both stress and distraction eat into concentration while driving.”

Click here to read the full Uniroyal news release.


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