Scotland handed powers to set drink drive and speed limits

12.00 | 5 July 2012 |

New powers to set drink drive and speed limits in Scotland have been transferred from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament.

The transfer, which may see Scotland’s drink drive limit reduced, is part of a range of new powers being handed to the Scottish Parliament under the Scotland Act. Scottish Government colleagues and Scottish Ministers will now take the lead on these matters.

Jill Mulholland, part of Transport Scotland’s road safety team, says: “The Scotland Act now gives Scottish Ministers the powers to make their own decisions for Scotland’s roads. Road safety is our first priority, and we have no plans to change the national speed limits. These powers mean neither will we have any changes imposed on us.”

Philip Lamont, head of Criminal Justice and Sentencing Branch, added: “Ministers have been keen for many years to reduce the drink driving limit and the Scotland Act now gives them the necessary powers. For our team, it means getting to grips with new ideas and dealing with a wider range of stakeholders to help understand better the policy justifications for lowering the limit.”

Gerald Byrne, of the Elections and Constitution Division, has led the Scottish Government team working on the Act. He said: “Colleagues from a wide range of policy areas have been involved both in the parliamentary stages of the Bill, and in preparing to use the new powers.

“We are very grateful to everyone for their efforts and the effective team work that has got us to this point, which will now allow ministers and parliament to consider how best to exercise their new responsibilities.”


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