Scotland: road safety fund opens for 2019

10.09 | 17 June 2019 |

Image: Transport Scotland

The Scottish Government has pledged more than £400k to support ‘innovative or novel’ ideas to improve road safety.

Up to £425k has been made available through the Scottish Government’s Road Safety Framework fund, to help projects which encourage speed compliance and protect drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Applications are welcome from any organisation in Scotland – but they must be able to match fund their application.

For the first time, £75k is also available to help organisations finance the retrospective evaluation of their projects.

The Scottish Government says this will help road safety programmes to better demonstrate their effectiveness and strengthen their evidence base.

Applications to the evaluation fund do not require funding to be matched.

Michael Matheson, cabinet secretary for transport, said: “Progressively improving Scotland’s record on road safety requires innovative ideas from new and existing partners.

“The Road Safety Framework fund for 2019 supports potentially high impact and novel ideas which can help improve road safety, while at the same time supporting organisations evaluate previous projects to better understand their effectiveness.

“Evaluation and evidence of road safety initiatives is key to continuously reducing the number of people killed or injured on Scotland’s roads and we recognise that this can require resource and skills beyond the means of some organisations.”



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