Scottish road safety team launches new educational resource

12.00 | 6 May 2014 |

East Ayrshire Council’s road safety team has launched a new educational resource, the Little Steps Road Safety Challenge, which is designed to help teaching staff and parents develop positive behaviour in children near roads and travelling in vehicles.

The resource is based on the premise that the first five years of a child’s life are the most informative, and what they are taught early on helps to shape what kind of pedestrian they will be and eventually what kind of driver they will become.

Councillor Tom Cook said: “The Little Steps Road Safety Challenge is a fantastic resource for teaching staff and parents which encourages the promotion of road safety to the youngest children in our schools.

“The challenge encourages children to walk, cycle or scoot to and from school which has many benefits for the children and the environment. Worryingly 45% of children are driven to school and miss the opportunity at an early age to learn basic road safety skills.

“Road safety is a vital life skill and I was delighted to launch this extremely worthwhile project which builds on the good work already being done in our schools and is evidenced by a significant reductions in child road casualty figures.”



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